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Waves is Asia's #1 PODCAST and AUDIO player for iPhone and Android. We aggregate audio content from around the world so that you can enjoy millions of different shows at your fingertips.

DOWNLOAD to access 1 million+ shows and 30 million+ episodes of high quality audio in English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, French, Mandarin and 65+ languages. Choose your region to receive recommendations of the best and most popular audio content.

PUBLISH your own mp3 files to the Waves community. The fastest easiest way to share audio in a mobile app, simpler than SoundCloud and faster than Spotify. Totally free. Share your audio diaries, stories, jingles, and jokes with the world.

ENJOY all the audio playback features you've come to know and love: Auto-play of favorite episodes. Bookmark and download favorite shows. Notifications of new interesting audio. Change playback speed. Radio stations of curated playlists. Lots and lots of recommendations. Fast and personalized search. Background play. And even some fun little easter eggs, too, that might "drop" from time to time ;-)

GAIN unlimited access to the world's top podcasts and radio shows! The Joe Rogan Experience. NPR Podcast. Serial and true crime. Dr. Phil. Bill O’Reilly. The Rachel Maddow Show. Wondery. The New York Times. TED Talks. Dirty John. Dr. Death. BBC. The Audio Bible. ASMR. Gimlet. Whatever's trending, you can find it.

The latest news. Sports. Entertainment. Talk shows. True crime. Mystery thrillers. Audiobooks and book summaries. And on and on and onnn....

Many top YOUTUBE creators also work with us to turn their shows into podcasts. Follow your favorite YOUTUBERS on Waves too and listen to their shows in audio format.


-LEARN by listening to the world’s best teachers, experts, and coaches

-LAUGH with the funniest comedians, celebrities, talk shows, and story tellers

-EXPLORE the world with content in multiple languages

Especially if you live in Vietnam and Indonesia, you will enjoy our exclusive audio content with famous celebrities, influencers, and KOLs, our customized interface in Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesian, and even choose your own colored theme!

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